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New barbecue and motorcycle for $1m Lotto Max winner
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What an end to 2016 for Patrick Kukko from Prince George in British Columbia, Canada. In the December 30 Lotto Max Maxmillions draw, he won himself $1m.The 59-year-old didn't find out about his win until the New Year had been seen in. Reacting to his big Lotto Max win he said the feeling was “Amazingly fantastic. It's good, it's really good.” Kukko works as an helicopter engineer and that means a fair bit of travel. He was on the road in December and stopped off at the Blue River Petro-Canada and while there bought some lottery tickets.Last week he went to the Chevron iin Chetwynd and presented some lottery tickets for scanning, not having a clue one was a $1m winning Lotto Max ticket. The first two tickets scanned didn't win anything and the next gave him a free play. It was the next one that changed his life forever. “I stood there and checked it three-ish more times in awe until I finally went 'wow, I think that...yeah, that is a million," said the shocked Lotto Max winner. When the big machine went off behind the counter, the bells and whistles convinced him his Lotto Max win was real. His big win came in a special edition of the draw that saw 28 $1m prizes being given away.It's the latest big lottery win in British Columbia after June Bergh won a $50m Lotto Max jackpot last year. Also celebrating was Robert Goetzen who scooped a $21.9m Lotto 6/49 top prize.Kukko says he is a “regular but not consistent” lottery ticket buyer but only buys one ticket for each draw. He wants to use his Lotto Max winnings to allow him to go into semi-retirement and spend more time with his wife and two children. Also planned is buying a new motorcyle, English couple Chris and Geraldine Bradley bought a topiary motorcycle with some of the money given to them by their £1m UK Lotto winning grandfather. Patrick also wants a barbecue, Zvonko Vukovic from Ontario, Canada, won a $100,000 Lotto Max prize and celebrated with a big barbecue.His children will be happy as they are due to be getting a quadrunner each. A couple in Ireland who won €200,000 on the Irish Lotto said they'd give their winnings to their grandchildren. In England, Jane Wyatt couldn't wait to treat her children after winning $1m playing UK Lotto.To fulfil all or a part of your wishes, purchase your lottery tickets online now at