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New look for £4m National Lottery Blue scratch card winner
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Melissa Ede from Hull in England won £4m on a National Lottery Blue scratch card last year and has since spent thousands of pounds on reconstructive procedures to “feminise” her face.Melissa is a member of the transgender community and the 57-year-old has been quick to use £3000 of her National Lottery Blue scratch card winnings to pay for Botox, cheek and lip fillers and dermabrasion which removes “superficial layers of skin”.She also had fillers under her eyes, had her brows lifted and undergone jowl treatment. “There’s a big difference. It’s completely lifted it. It carries on working for about six weeks. It carries on lifting more and more,” the National Lottery Blue scratch card winner joyfully explained.Her fiancé, Rachel Nelson, said they were both overjoyed about how the surgery has worked out and transformed Melissa’s face. “It’s made a massive difference. Her face has a shape to it now instead of just hanging. I’m just waiting for her to say, ‘I just want a head transplant’ and I think she will be happy,” she joked.The taxi driver quit her job soon after her big win, unlike the recent €4.4m Irish Lotto jackpot winner. Melissa plans to spend more of her National Lottery Blue scratch card winnings. Further plans include a nose job and work on her teeth. “I just want to feel younger, fresher and more feminine.” New Zealander Diana De Gilio bought a new pair of false teeth after her £1m EuroMillions win.The National Lottery Blue scratch card winner has also made a major decision over her children. Initially, she declared they wouldn’t receive any of her winnings after they abandoned her when she came out as trans. Ede has four grown-up children aged between 19 and 39 and has now decided she will leave some of her money to them in her will.In North Carolina, USA, a woman who won $2m playing Powerball decided to give her winnings to her family. Stephen Strickland from Constantine in Maryland, USA won a $100,000 Powerball prize and took his family on a cruise.“I’m still of the feeling nobody can walk back in my life and get money. But I’d like it eventually given to them, and they can have a little joy too. I’ll be meeting up with them and will leave them money. If they hang about in my life they’ll get treated,” she said.A lottery win could make a big change in your life, just purchase your tickets online at