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New York man wins $3 million on lottery scratch off
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A lottery player from Lancaster in upstate New York has won a huge $3 million top prize when he scratched off his “$3,000,000 Mayhem” scratch off ticket.The results certain were mayhem from Ramiro Chagolla Arreaga, aged 29, who told lottery officials that he only buys scratch off tickets for the fun of it, and never expects to win. “When I realised I had won the jackpot my heart was pumping a lot!” Mr Arreaga exclaimed. A Maryland truck driver who won $50,000 on the Powerball earlier this month also described buying lottery tickets as a hobby, while a Californian couple won $5 million on a scratch off ticket that was part of the husband’s lottery playing hobby.The scratch off winner has been buying tickets for several years but has only ever won a few dollars at a time, with nothing like this most recent $3 million win. “The most I ever won was $500 one day,” he said, adding that his most recent jackpot comes just in time for his 30th birthday, just like a recent People’s Postcode Lottery winner from the Durham Dales in England.The lucky winner purchased his scratch off ticket from the Food Mart at Citgo gas station on Broadway in Lancaster, and he claimed his prize at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg surrounded by his wife, children, parents and brothers, as well as several other family members. Lottery officials descried the young scratch off winners as “pretty humble” and a “family guy.” Recently New York scratch card winners have included Leon Greenberg, a meat wholesaler who won $7 million on a scratch card bought with money left over from a day out, and a trio of residents who collected a combined $13 million in winnings from lotteries earlier this year.Mr Arreaga plans to use his newfound scratch off wealth to buy a new home for his family, possibly out of New York, and he’ll use both his fortune and his skills as a roofer to start a new business. “I do roofing, but we’re going to start flipping houses now that we’ve got the money,” he said, adding that he and his family are currently so genuinely happy that they will live with the feeling at the moment before making any more decisions thanks to their $3 million scratch off jackpot.You never know when a lottery win is going to strike... purchase your tickets now at