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New Zealand woman in floods of tears after $1 million NZ Lotto win
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A woman from New Zealand has revealed she was in floods of tears at her local store when she found out she’d won $1 million First Division prize on the NZ Saturday Lotto.The lucky winner, from Mount Maunganui, decided to remain anonymous as she claimed her prize, but she did tell lottery officials that story behind her big prize. The NZ Lotto winner bought her ticket from her local lottery retailer on a whim last weekend after having been out for coffee with a friend. Recently, an Auckland man won the NZ Lotto’s top prize twice in the space of a week.“I thought I might as well pick up a ticket and try my luck. I put the ticket in my wallet and kind of forgot about it,” she told NZ Lotto officials. A week later the New Zealander read in the news about a local lottery winner, but didn’t think anything of it, “I just thought ‘lucky them – I hope that’ll be me one day’ and carried on reading.” A EuroMillions winner from England left his ticket unchecked in his wallet for a month before realising he was a winner, and a man from Maryland in the USA who won on the Powerball said that he feels luckier if he leaves his tickets for at least a week after the drawing before he checks them.However, a few days later when out buying groceries, the lucky lottery player remembered to check the ticket in her wallet, and when the store clerk scanned it, she quietly asked her to follow her into the back room. “I was so nervous and wasn’t too sure what was happening,” the NZ Lotto winner said. “That’s when the lady turned to me and said ‘congratulations! You’ve won a million dollars!’ I honestly couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing.”The NZ Lotto player called her daughter and asked her to come to the shop as she was in so much shock, and when she saw the ticket for herself both mother and daughter were in floods of tears in the store “and just stood there hugging each other.” A UK Lotto winner from England broke down in tears as he claimed his £18 million jackpot prize.The lucky NZ Lotto winner said that the win won’t change her family, but it will enable them to make some special family memories. “We’re not sure what we’ll do just yet but think some travelling will definitely be on the cards.” A recent survey revealed that UK Lotto winners preferred spending their winnings on experiences which will make them long-lasting memories than material goods.What will you do with a lottery windfall? Purchase your tickets online at to discover it.