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No Spending Spree Yet for £105m EuroMillions Winners
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No Spending Spree Yet for £105m EuroMillions Winners

When you win a £105m EuroMillions jackpot, some lavish spending is expected. Steve Thomson, 42, and his wife Lenka won that amount last year. However, they have decided not to go out and buy anything “too flash.”

Mr Thompson declared that he was not going to “flutter it away, at the end of the day I am still Steve.” He added, “I do not want to change, we are just financially better off.” One thing did change though, they got someone else to cook them their Christmas dinner.

Steve has bought himself a van, though it’s second hand and a Volvo XC90 for his wife. There’s not been a move to a new home either. The couple are still residing in their three-bed home in Selsey, West Sussex with their two sons and daughter.

It’s believed a new home is in the pipeline though. A move to a four-bedroom property is planned but the coronavirus crisis has delayed this.  One of their friends told The Sun newspaper, 'I'm sure they'll be delighted to finally start being able to spend some of the money they won.'

Even though they are multi-millionaires thanks to their EuroMillions win, they didn’t want their luck to change them. How would you react if a ticket purchased from Lottery24 won you a massive jackpot?

That Ceiling Needs Painting

Many winners automatically quit their jobs, but Steve Thomson didn’t do that right away.  Even after collecting their winnings, he went to work. After all, there was a ceiling that needed painting. He had some outstanding orders and felt it was only right to fulfil them. That’s despite the fact he can afford to buy the houses he’s been working on. Imagine having a multi-millionaire building your conservatory!

A neighbour of theirs isn’t surprised at Steve finishing off those jobs, saying “that’s just the type of guy he is. He’d never leave anyone in the lurch.”   Not surprisingly, Lenka is no longer a corner shop worker.

Their big win came in the EuroMillions draw held on November 19 of last year. That was the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery’s first ever draw. The winning numbers were 08-10-15-30-42 and the two Lucky Star 04 and 06.

What Do I Do Next?

It was three days later that the couple discovered they were multi-millionaires. Steve was waiting to be picked up for work when he checked his tickets. One of the lines matched all the numbers and he “started shaking a lot.” As is the case with many winners we report on at Lottery24, he didn’t know what to do next.

The shocked EuroMillions winner thought he might be having a heart attack but gradually calmed down. Initially his parents didn’t believe what he was telling them. They replied, ‘We’ll believe it when we see it” and as Mr Thomson jokes, “Now they believe it.”

When receiving their EuroMillions cheque, Mr Thompson said no big purchases had been made yet. However, he had bought a new shirt and had a haircut. They may not be spending too much money on themselves, but the couple have pledged to ‘do things for the community’ with their winnings.

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