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Northern Irish retiree wins £1 million after finding lost EuroMillions ticket in his coat
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A retired plumber from Northern Ireland has won more than £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery after he found a ticket in his coat pocket that he’d bought and forgotten all about.In a story that echoes one from last year where a Powerball winner kept their winning ticket in a jackpot pocket for a month, Jim Mcloughlin, from Newry, won £1,046,066 on the EuroMillions lottery on the last draw on August, but after he purchased the ticket prior to the drawing he forgot all about it until he put his coat back on when the weather cooled. A coat pocket isn’t the strangest place somebody has found a winning lottery ticket, such as an Irish EuroMillions winner whose ticket was tucked away in the pantry. Thanks to a cold spell as we approach autumn, Jim put his coat on and found the ticket in his pocket, but he didn’t check it until he happened to be in the same store where he had purchased the ticket weeks before.When in the supermarket, however, he asked the cashier to check the ticket for him, and he said that the ticket machine let out a noise that surprised not only him but also the woman doing the checking for him. “The two of us just looked at each other wondering what was going on,” Jim told lottery officials. “It never once occurred to me that I was about to become a millionaire!”He was then advised to call Camelot, who confirmed that he had indeed won more than a million pounds on the European lottery game, and he said he couldn’t believe his ears. “Well, I was absolutely stunned, my mind was totally buzzing, I just couldn’t process what was happened to me,” the lottery winner told officials as he collected his EuroMillions prize.The pensioner is now planning to use his winnings to help out some of his friends and family, but he’s not going to forget about himself, just like a National Lottery winner from last year who wanted to move out of her rented property and buy a flat, he plans to buy his flat outright and renovate it, “and maybe buy a new car as well,” he added, just like a Canadian Lotto Max winner who planned to spend their $60 million on shiny new cars.For your chance of also becoming a winner, play online at