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Nova Scotia couple win Canadian Lotto 649 thanks to grandchildren’s birthdays
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A couple from Nova Scotia who played Lotto 649 numbers based on their grandchildren’s birthdays have won over $1.7 million saying they knew their grandchildren would look after them.Margaret and Gerald Stewart, from New Glasgow in Nova Scotia, told lottery officials that they started using the birthdates of their three grandchildren and their son when buying Lotto 649 tickets this September. As well as those dates, they also chose the number 16, which is the age of one of their granddaughters. A firefighter from Connecticut in the USA chose a combination of his children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays to win a top Powerball prize, while a lottery winner from England used a mixture of birthdays, anniversaries and lucky numbers when he won his £13.5 million UK Lotto jackpot.“We played those numbers every draw,” Mrs Stewart told Lotto 649 officials. “I said to Gerry when we started playing them, ‘These are our grandchildren and our son’s birthday numbers and I am going to win on these.” The lottery fan also told the staff at Big Al’s the store where she buys lottery tickets, that she knew she’d win with those numbers.Earlier this year a Nova Scotia man’s numbers won him $1 million on the Atlantic 49, and last Wednesday their Lotto 649 numbers came in, and Mr and Mrs Stewart didn’t have to wait long for their grandchildren to look after them, as Mrs Stewart predicted. The retired couple won $1.75 million on the Lotto 649, and they told lottery officials that “dreams do come true.”“It’s crazy and unbelievable,” said Mrs Stewart, adding: “miracles do happen, and I feel we have been totally blessed here.” The Lotto 649 winner also encouraged others to continue playing, as they could also be just as lucky. Recently another Nova Scotia lottery player planned to split her $1 million Lotto Max prize with her daughter.The lottery winning couple immediately flew their son home from the West Coast of Canada to celebrate with him after collecting their winnings, just like an Ontario man who was set for a family reunion after winning $12 million on the Lotto 649. The Nova Scotia winners also told lottery officials that the first thing they plan to do is to “wrap our arms around our beautiful granddaughters and hold them and hug them tight.”Why don't you try your luck and purchase your tickets online at