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Oh Dear! Says $10.48 million Oz Lotto Winner
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Oh Dear! Says $10.48 million Oz Lotto Winner

It seems that when a big lottery win comes along, it’s hard to believe it’s happened. That was the case for a woman from Canberra, Australia when winning a $10.48 million Oz Lotto jackpot on 8 June.

The shock of discovering such a momentous win led to a sleepless night. Had she really won and if so, was she the only winner? Those were the thoughts that continually went through her head. It took a phone call to the lottery organisers to finally convince her.

In all, her Oz Lotto jackpot was $10,487,834.11 as she was the only division one winner. “Oh dear!” was her immediate reaction to the confirmation of her win. “Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” she continued in what was sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech.


The lucky winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, then recalled her uncertainty over whether she had won. “I checked my ticket last night, and I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t believe it,” she said. The Canberra mother then told of her sleepless night. “I was lying awake thinking about what we will do if it’s true!“I’m still in shock.”

With the news of her Oz Lotto millionaire status confirmed, how will she be spending her winnings? Her immediate plan was to sit down and try to work out what to do next .”It’s going to take a while to sink in,” said the shocked winner.

The win has been a long time coming but she never dreamed that she’d “win this kind of money,” she admitted. That sleepless night had also seen her thinking about what to do with her fantastic Oz Lotto windfall.

Family comes First

This win has come at just the right time. The winner and her husband have both recently retired. One plan for their win is to buy a new home. As is often the case, helping their family is “the main thing at the moment. It’s really, really satisfying to be able to do that.” Other plans include travelling overseas and to Canada.

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