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Once wasn’t enough for French €1 million EuroMillions winner
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One €1 million win on the EuroMillions lottery just wasn’t enough for a Frenchman who has now won the prize twice in the last 18 months.The man, from the south east of France, has won the country’s million-euro raffle “My Million” for the second time in two years. The winner’s first EuroMillions prize came in November 2016, and the second was won last month after he continued to buy tickets for the Europe-wide game every week. Recently we told you about a Maryland man who won a second scratch card top prize in the space of just six months.Mathematicians have said that the lucky winner beat odds of one in 16 trillion to score the top prize twice, and the newsagent where the lucky second EuroMillions ticket was purchased said that the winner didn’t seem particularly surprised. A spokesperson for the Haute-Savoie store said that the EuroMillions player barely reacted when told he’d won €1 million, “I guess he is used to winning,” they said. A UK Lotto winner from Sheffield in England recently spoke of how she’s certain she’ll win again, 22 years after her first jackpot win.After this year’s May 18th drawing which won him €1 million for the second time, French media have been comparing this winner’s feat with other long odds, including the chance of being struck by lightning twice, which are one in 20 million. A grandmother from Kent in England beat odds of 45 million to one when she purchased two lucky dip tickets for the UK Lotto, both of which held the same numbers.The My Millions draw is similar to the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle in the UK, with each player being assigned an automatically generated number for the raffle prize. The French have often been lucky in this game, with one French player sharing a €130 million EuroMillions jackpot with a Spanish ticket in 2014, and a single winner two years ago who collected an entire £32.39 million EuroMillions top prize.The odds of winning the guaranteed €1 million prize on My Million are already 19 million to one, with the EuroMillions jackpot being 140 million to one, but those odds are nothing compared to what this Frenchman has achieved in the last year and a half. The lucky winner said that despite now being a millionaire twice over, he plans to continue buying EuroMillions tickets, and you never know, his good luck might come in threes.Trust your luck and validate all your tickets at