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One hundred UK millionaires in one night? it’s enough to make even the most sceptical buy a ticket!
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Every so often, the EuroMillions lottery in the UK announces it is going to make 100 people millionaires in just one lottery draw. The UK EuroMillions includes a Millionaire Raffle with every draw, making one lucky ticket holder a millionaire just by matching a pre-destined code on the bottom of their ticket. Just to keep us on our lottery playing toes, sometimes the National Lottery pushes ticket sales further by advertising 100 possibilities of becoming a millionaire – well those odds are hard to refuse, aren’t they?The first 100 UK EuroMillions Millionaires Raffle special draw took place in July 2012, to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games that took place in London. The second Millionaire Raffle set to create 100 millionaires took place in July 2013. With record breaking lottery ticket sales, lottery players were clearly captivated by the chance to win not only the jackpot of £13,000,000, but the chance of another £1 million as well!The EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw that took place on Friday 26th July 2013 made 100 people in the United Kingdom millionaires, but only 88 of them know about it. As of September 2013, only 88 people in the UK had checked the EuroMillions results and claimed their Millionaire Raffle prize. Clearly these lucky winners had no faith in their own chance to win, or perhaps they had forgotten? Whatever the reason, lottery winners from up and down the UK, from London to Fife, Bristol to Blackpool and Bolton to Dorset, have until the 22nd January 2014 to claim their prizes, and have their life changed forever by the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.The 100 UK Millionaires raffle in July 2012 found 97 recipients came forward to claim their lottery winnings before the deadline date, so if just 10 more of the July 2013 winners claim their EuroMillions prize before it’s too late, the Euro Lottery will set a new world record for the highest number of millionaires in a single draw. And several people will be very, very rich! If you feel tempted to try your luck, purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at