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Ontario Lotto 649 winner is off shopping thanks to $282k windfall
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A Lotto 649 player from Essex in Western Ontario, Canada, told lottery officials that he is going to head off shopping thanks to his big win, worth almost $300,000.Todd Grimes, who joins another Essex winner, Alfred Ayotte who won $1.6 million on the Lotto 649 earlier this year, told lottery officials that he found out about his win the day after the Lotto 649 draw took place, and he checked his numbers online. The lottery winner, who claimed his winnings this week at OLG headquarters in Toronto, said that when he read the winning numbers on his computer screen, he soon realised he had matched the five main numbers and the bonus ball. “I wanted to be absolutely certain so I grabbed a pen and literally circled every single number that matched,” he said.Once he’d persuaded himself of his win, he had to go and convince his wife, but he admitted that he was so excited that his wife didn’t understand what he was saying. “I started babbling about winning numbers and the prize amount” he said. “I handed her my phone and she read off the winning numbers.” Mrs Grimes then checked the Lotto 649 ticket herself, while her husband asked her to read the winning prize amount. “We both started crying,” Mr Grimes said, just like a family from Western Australia who cried after their Oz Lotto win, and a Scottish National Lottery scratch card winner who cried when she discovered her lottery windfall.The couple both headed to Toronto to pick up their prize cheque. They had a few plans already decided for their winnings, including paying off their mortgage. Mr Grimes also said that the pair are very connected to their Church, and so they will be donating a portion of their $282,242.50 there.The Lotto 649 winner also hopes to buy a new car, and his dream is just like that of an English grandfather who won £100,000 on the UK Lotto and planned to spend it renovating classic cars, with Mr Grimes saying “My dream vehicle is a vintage British racing car and I am going shopping!” A recent lottery winner revealed that his wife had already been on a shopping trip after his UK Lotto win. The couple, who have two children, also hope to do some travelling with the family, however Mr Grimes said that the kids will always come first, “but we might start taking more time for ourselves,” he concluded.For your chance of becoming next big winner, purchase your tickets online at