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Ontario man ‘feels amazing’ after winning $1 million on Lotto Max
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A man from Ontario in Canada has told lottery officials that he ‘feels amazing’ after finding out that he won $1 million on Lotto Max Encore.Scott Rienguette from Hanmer, Ontario, won his $1 million in the June 8th Lotto Max drawing, and told lottery officials that he has been playing for a top prize for 20 years. Finally, his commitment has paid off, “I usually play Lotto 649 and Lotto Max,” he said. Recently we told you about a group of colleagues from Ontario who shared $367,156 on the Lotto Max and said they felt their win was surreal.After the June 8th Lotto Max drawing, Mr Rienguette was on his way home from a baseball tournament when he decided to stop off at a gas station and checked his ticket for the recent drawing. “The machine lit up and told me I was a big winner,” the lucky Lotto Max winner said, adding that he couldn’t believe his eyes. AnotherOntario couple who won $100,000 on the Lotto Max Encore also said that they were in shock after finding out that they’d won.When he got home, Mr Rienguette couldn’t wait to tell his wife of 14 years, who couldn’t have been happier for him “She was excited for me and told me it was well-deserved,” he said. The lottery winner works as a miner, and his lottery winnings will go a long way in terms of taking care of his four children, two boys and two girls. A man from Virginia in the USA also planned to put his winnings towards his children’s educations after he secured a $1 million prize on the Mega Millions.Just like a man from British Columbia who planned to build himself a new home after winning $500,000 on the Lotto 649, the couple plan to put their winnings into their family home. “We plan on doing some home renovations, securing our kids’ educations and taking a trip to Jamaica,” the Lotto Max winner said of his grand plans for the big prize. “I still don’t believe this is real, but I feel amazing.” A Lotto 649 winner from Kirkfield in Ontario said it was an amazing feeling after winning over $73,000 in a lottery drawing.The winnings ticket was purchased from a Mac’s store on Lasalle Boulevard in Sudbury.Get ready for your lottery windfall and purchase your tickets online at