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Ontario man heading straight to retirement after $1.6 million Lotto 649 win
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A lottery winner from Essex County in Western Ontario has become a millionaire after alcohol proved the pathway to his success.Alfred Ayotte, who has been playing his family’s birthdays as his chosen numbers in the Lotto 649 game for 31 years, finally won a huge prize on the lottery game after a trick passed onto him from a bartender finally worked out. Not long after a record $60 million Lotto Max prize was claimed in Ontario, Mr Ayotte told lottery officials that he found his lottery strategy in the back of a bartender’s handbook 31 years ago, and has been playing the same numbers ever since.The most he had ever won before last Wednesday was a sum of $1,145, but finally his patience wore off as he matched winning numbers 1, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 31 to score him $1,623,148.30 on the Canadian Lotto 649 game, out of a possible $13 million jackpot. “You never think you are going to win but you always hope,” the lottery winner said to OLG officials as he collected his Lotto 649 cheque this weekend.“I’ve always picked the numbers that were associated with myself, my wife and my two kids,” he said of his lottery strategy, found in the Land of Beer and Rum book. The winner, who was just as shocked over his win as Eddy Mushibuka was after winning $12.5 million on the Lotto Max, said that in the 31 years that he has been playing the lottery, he has spent tens of thousands of dollars on tickets, and he has finally got his best return yet.“It’s been a long time and I was telling my wife that if I had never bought a lottery ticket I would be about $40,000 ahead, but with the $1.6 million Lotto 649 win it’s been a pretty good investment,” said the smiling winner, just as happy as a couple from Dufferin Country who won $1 million on the Lotto Max recently. Both Alfred and his wife Deborah will now take that return on investment as their opportunity to retire, and Mr Ayotte said the first thing he did after realising he’d won was to call his wife and tell her that she didn’t need to go back to work that day.“During the summer we love to sail, so now we might be looking to sell my old sailboat and buy a new one,” he said of their retirement plans, as well as build a cottage and spend more time in their camper. Following suit of Derek Blatcher who won £100,000 on a National Lottery scratch card, “Retirement has been on the mind for the last couple of years anyway,” he said. “But with this win, it’s freedom.”Refresh your wish list and play lottery online with us at