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Ontario woman wins $1 million with a Lotto 649 ticket she thought was worth $1,000
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A lottery player from Dundas in Ontario, Canada has won a huge $1 million on a Lotto 649 Encore ticket that she thought was worth $1,000.Charmaine Siddall won her $1 million with a Lotto 649 ticket purchased last week, and she told lottery officials that she felt amazing having won big. The Canadian said, “I’m self-employed, so everything has already been up in the air. I now feel financially secure. It makes me cry to think about it.”The big-time Lotto 649 winner bought her ticket from a convenience store on King Street in her home town of Dundas, close to Hamilton in Ontario where a local recently claimed a huge $50 million Lotto Max prize, and she told lottery officials that she forgot all about the ticket until a week later, when she took it into a store to have it checked. “I saw the words ‘Big Winner’ appear on the screen,” Ms Siddall said, continuing: “I took a step back and didn’t know what to do. I looked at the retailer and said, ‘I won $1,000!’ We both giggled as I put the ticket back in my pocket and left the store.”Ms Siddall said that after leaving the store, she called her husband and told him that she thought she’d won $1,000 on the Lotto 649. “He asked: ‘Are you sure it’s $1,000 and not $1 million?’” the lottery winner said, adding that she laughed and brushed him off, saying that she was happy with $1,000 from her Lotto 649 Encore ticket. A Kent UK Lotto winner recently thought her £1 million prize was only £1,000 until she got the ticket checked. “When I got to my daughter’s house I asked her to check online, just to be sure. She said: ‘Mon, you didn’t win $1,000. You won $1 million!’” Another Ontarian recently had a similar situation when he thought his Lotto 649 prize was worth $1,000 but turned out to be $1,000,002.The mother and daughter then walked to another store to get the Lotto 649 ticket validated, and she said that when she got home and told her husband the real value of the ticket, they both burst into tears, just like an Australian couple who won $100,000 on the Cancer Council’s Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery.Now that the money’s in the bank, the family plans to pay off the mortgage, make some renovations to their home and take a trip to Disney World, just like many lottery winners do, including a paramedic Hit 5 jackpot winner from Washington.Don't miss any opportunity to win and purchase your tickets online at