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Ping pong, champagne, chocolates and more at the National Lottery Winner’s Centre
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We’d all love to win a major lottery prize and if you live in England, then the dream place to visit is the National Lottery Winner’s Centre in Prescot, Liverpool.We recently told you about Pina Compagnone who works in the Lotterywest winners’ room in Subiaco, Australia, well this is the UK’s version. If your numbers or raffle codes are successful, then you can collect your winnings in the winner’s lounge and while there, you could even play ping pong with real lottery balls.Since the UK launched the National Lottery, there has been a National Lottery winner’s lounge based in or near Liverpool. There’s also one in Watford but if winners want too, they can just receive their cheque at home. Lucky players can even visit the National Lottery Mega Millionaire Academy to learn how to cope with their win.So far, the Liverpool centre has greeted 5,992 major winners of £50,000 or above paid out to lucky winners, sharing a massive £2.3bn. Out of those lucky National Lottery players, 559 have been millionaires and between them they have received £1.3bn. History is just around the corner too with the National Lottery’s 5,000th millionaire expected to be created sometime in May.When you win a big lottery prize, a big celebration is expected and that’s just what you get at the National Lottery Winner’s Centre with plenty of champagne flowing and luxury chocolates to enjoy eating. The lucky winners can even drink their champagne from specially branded National Lottery flutes.The walls are adorned with pictures of previous winners and players can be reminded of how they won their prizes due to the presence of lottery balls and a real-life National Lottery button just like the one that made their dreams come true.Winners can sit on a sofa that has gold cushions spelling “Winners” but as well as all the celebrations there’s a serious side to the Winners’ Centre. Suddenly winning a big prize is stressful so there are staff available who can give important advice on how to manage their windfall.We previously told you of the work carried out by National Lottery adviser Kathy Garrett who helps players who win lottery prizes of over £50,000. Also helping National Lottery winners cope with their windfall is Andy Carter. That help is greatly appreciated by winners such as Maureen and Jim Emerton from Lincolnshire, England, who won a £4.5 UK Lotto jackpot.For your chance of also becoming a winner, play online with us at