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Pop-up ad turned out to be £1m EuroMillions win
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A group of seven women from Grantham in Lincolnshire, England, have won £1m in the April 14 EuroMillions draw. Each of the winners will receive £142,857.14 after their success in matching the UK Millionaire Maker code.The syndicate members all work for the Thera Trust Charity which helps support adults with learning disabilities. It was the morning after the EuroMillions draw that syndicate leader Lynn McKinnon, 62, was checking her emails and one was from the National Lottery asking her to check her EuroMillions ticket.Initially she thought it’d be a small win and without her glasses on, she “just saw what I thought was a load of noughts” and thought it might be a pop-up ad. Canadian Deborah Chambers didn’t have her glasses on and initially didn’t realize she’d won $250,000 on an Instant Crossword Deluxe scratch card. English woman Rachel Bingham also didn’t have her glasses on and had to get others to confirm her £1m EuroMillions win. In the USA, Susan Schawb from Iowa, initially underestimated the size of her $50,000 Super Crossword win.With her glasses final on, her heart started pounding and she immediately called her daughter who thought it might be a spam email. Lynn insisted on her daughter coming around to see her right away and McKinnon began to shake when realizing they’d won £1m. A call to the National Lottery indicated that was the case and Camelot said they’d call her back.The syndicate leader started contacting the rest of the group but initially no one would believe her. She spent so long on the phone, Camelot had problems contacting them to finally confirm their EuroMillions win.Only four of the syndicate members could accept their EuroMillions cheque this week as others were on holiday. Plans for how their EuroMillions win will be spent include holidays, new cars, and houses. Barbara and Douglas Fink from Canada vowed to travel the world after they won $8.1m playing Lotto 6/49. Kevin Piper won a £1.093m EuroMillions prize and upgraded his already booked holiday in Thailand.Last year Lynn went out to buy a coat and ended up buying a hot tub. Her family have told her not to be silly with this EuroMillions win. She intends buying a new house, treating her family, and celebrating with the other syndicate members. She added that her EuroMillions win means “I can plan for the future now.”Get ready for your big win and play online with us at