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Portsmouth Syndicate Flying High With £122,898.20 EuroMillions Win
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A 15-strong syndicate of workers from an aviation company in Portsmouth, England, are flying high after they won £122,898.20 in the EuroMillions draw held on June 1.The 15 members of what is known as the Victorious Secret Syndicate all work for H&S Aviation in Portsmouth and play 15 lines in the EuroMillions draw every Friday. Each of the EuroMillions winners will receive £8,193.21 after their ticket matched the five main numbers in the draw.The syndicate was set up nine years ago by their leader Jim Filson. When he found out about their big EuroMillions win, he initially thought it was a ‘a wind-up.’  That’s probably because Jim admits himself that they haven’t been the luckiest EuroMillions syndicate with just the occasional small wins. However, he’s always ‘hoped and believed we would come good. ‘He added that perhaps fate was testing their commitment but he’s glad that they stuck with it after the big EuroMillions win finally came their way.It’s the latest big win in Portsmouth after Jason Jagodzinsk has won a £1m EuroMillions prize earlier this year. Also celebrating was £100,000 National Lottery Red scratch card winner Tanya SmithThe EuroMillions syndicate leader received an email on Saturday informing him of a win but just assumed it was another small one... When he logged on and the account balance hadn’t changed he thought someone was playing a trick on him. Then he looked at the email and was thrilled to see they had won £1,228 but after rubbing his eyes saw the real value of their EuroMillions win. Cindy and Steve Ooley from Fishers in Indiana, USA at first thought they had won $1000 but it turned out to be a $1m Powerball windfallSyndicates are doing well at present, earlier this month an Irish syndicate won a €17m EuroMillions jackpot. In May, a Scottish hospital syndicate celebrated a £1m EuroMillions win.Jim quickly got on the phone to his boss who’s also a member of the EuroMillions winning syndicate. They received their winnings at HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the syndicate leader says he hasn’t got any specific plans on how to use his EuroMillions win but won’t fritter it away.Other syndicate members are already planning holidays to destinations such as Florida, New Zealand and Japan.  Some want to buy a new car, pay for a wedding or a honeymoon and another just wants a new boiler.Purchase your tickets online at, for your chance of becoming next winner.