Portuguese TIcket Scoops €213 million EuroMillions Jackpot

Portuguese TIcket Scoops €213 million EuroMillions Jackpot

Portuguese TIcket Scoops €213 million EuroMillions Jackpot

The long wait is over, Tuesday saw a ticket sold in Portugal win the fantastic €213 million (£180 million) EuroMillions jackpot.

No one has yet come forward to claim the prize. Their ticket was the only one that was able to successfully match 14-16-37-45-49 with the two Lucky Stars 5 and 7.

Largest win of the year

This is the largest EuroMillions win in 2024 and the eighth time the jackpot has been won this year. There’s still a way to go to match the 20 times the top prize was won in 2023. Don’t despair though because at this time last year, there had only been eight jackpot wins.

There were over 2.7 million prizes paid out in last night’s draw. The jackpot had been building since the €130 million EuroMillions Superdraw on June 7 ended in a rollover. It’s the first jackpot win since May 14  On that occasion it was a ticket sold in France that won €48.7 million.

This is  the fifth-largest EuroMillions win with the highest still being the €240 million  won in Austria last December.

Last night’s draw saw eight tickets win the second-tier prize. They each matched the five main numbers but just one of the Lucky Stars. Two of those tickets were purchased in the UK winning their owners £100,130.

Two more were sold in Spain and one each in Austria, Belgium, France and Portugal, all winning €141,110.29.

Double winner?

Could the second-tier winner from Portugal have been owned by the jackpot winner? It’s possible that they bought several tickets with the same main numbers but different Lucky Stars selected.

The winning ticket is the 85th from Portugal to win a EuroMillions jackpot. Their last major success was last year on December 22. That’s when a ticket managed to win a €55.6 million top prize. It’s the best ever win for Portugal, beating the €190 million jackpot won by a ticket sold in Castelo Branco in October 2014.

Friday’s draw will see the jackpot return to £14 million (€17 million).

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