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£1m EuroMillions Winners Go on Spending Spree
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£1m EuroMillions Winners Go on Spending Spree

Neil and Sue Smart from Seaton in East Devon, England won a £1 million prize in the draw held on March 5. They have been busy spending their winnings ever since. In fact, Neil says nearly all of their winnings have gone.

It was two days after the EuroMillions draw that Neil discovered their win. He’d only gone online to check if he needed to put on a line for the next draw. Then he saw a message telling him he’d won £1 million.

He thought “that seems dodgy” and even his daughter thought it might be a scam. It was in their official lottery account though, so how could it be a scam? It wasn’t until the following day that Neil went to work and then made the phone call that confirmed their EuroMillions win. He let his wife know the great news and then went back to work.

New Home

Some lottery winners ensure that they make their windfall last for the rest of their lives. Not this couple from the west region of England. Soon after their EuroMillions win, they bought a new four-bedroom property that cost them £600,000.

Next year will be special for Neil and Sue with a luxury Caribbean cruise already booked. Neil has also bought a new car. He was going to buy a Jaguar but opted for a Mazda C-X5. Some premium bonds have also been purchased.

Too Young to Retire

He’s still working now and says he is too young to retire. After all, when you spend £600,000 on a house, “£400,000 isn’t enough to live on,” said the EuroMillions winner.

The EuroMillions winner believes that you don’t have to play every draw to get a big win. “Some people are religious with it, they do it week in and week out. Just do it every now and again like I had done.”

In fact, he still plays the lottery sometimes and recently had another win. However, this time it was just £2.70. Perhaps he’ll be even luckier in the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw on September 24.

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