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Quebec Lotto Max player wins more than $50 million in Friday’s draw
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A Lotto Max player from the Eastern Canadian province of Quebec has won a huge $55 million top prize after their ticket was the only one to match the numbers in Friday’s draw.The draw which took place on Friday, July 17th was worth more than $55 million and was the second largest lottery jackpot in Canadian history, after the largest jackpot was seen more than two years ago. On April 13th 2013, Canada’s other national game, the Lotto 6-49, was worth $63.4 million and was eventually paid out to four winning tickets each of which won $15.9 million.This payment will be one of the largest prizes to be paid out in Canadian lottery history to a single player, presuming that the ticket holder is an individual player and not a syndicate group. This news comes just a few days after a Lotto Max winner from Calgary said that it was in her stars to win her top prize and she wasn’t at all surprised that she took home the jackpot.Nabila Batarseh, who is from the city of Calgary, in Alberta, won $12.5 million in the June 5th Lotto Max draw after her ticket was one of four which matched all of the numbers in the draw on the night in question. The winner, who is set to retire after her windfall arrived in her bank account, said that she was at home with her family playing cards when she discovered that she was a winner.“It’s funny to say, but I felt normal when I discovered I won,” said the Lotto Max winner as she told her story. “Honestly, I always believe that one day I would win the lottery. I always had a feeling it would happen to me,” laughed the latest Calgary millionaire as she posed with her ceremonial cheque for lottery officials and the local press.Ms Batarseh has said that she will spend her Lotto Max winnings to buy a house, help other people including family, and quit her job. “I’ve spent 23 years on my feet, it’s time to retire,” said the lottery winner.If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at