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Queensland couple gobsmacked to win $3 million Australian Powerball prize
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A couple from Queensland in Australia have had their disbelief recorded when an Australian Powerball official called them to break the news that they’d won $3 million.The lottery winning couple, from Gatton near Brisbane, was the only jackpot winners in this week’s Australian Powerball drawing, and a Lottery official called them to break the news the morning after the draw, prompting a few exclamations of disbelief, and celebration. “Come off it. Come off it. No. No. Are you kidding me? I don’t know what to say,” the winning woman was reported to have said after Officials told her she’d won $3 million over the phone. A People’s Postcode Lottery winner from England was also gobsmacked after being presented with a £30,000 prize on her doorstep.The Powerball winner continued to voice her shock, as she told the lottery official that she expected the call to be a hoax, and wasn’t even planning to pick the phone up. As the phone call continued, the lucky Australian Powerball winner said that she thought her good fortune would take a while to sink in, but credited her husband with the Australian Powerball purchase, telling the lottery officials that he always asks her to buy the Powerball ticket because “he reckons I’m the lucky one.” An Irish Lotto winner from Northern Ireland recently told lottery officials that she was her family’s good luck charm after winning €350,000.Unlike another Australian Powerball winner from Queensland who had no idea what to do with their $23 million winnings, this couple already know how it will be spent, and they will now be able to retire earlier than expected, and the winner said that she is looking forward to being more financially secure. “We’re going to help a lot of people out and still have something for us,” she said, telling Powerball officials that the win will change their lives. A recent Australian Gold Lotto winner from the nearby town of Cairns took early retirement after winning $20 million, while very recently a Missouri electrician decided to retire just days after winning $10 million on a Goldern Ticket scratch card.The winning Australian Powerball ticket was purchased by the anonymous couple at Gatton Plaza Newsagency. The winning numbers in the draw held on August 10 were 6, 17, 1, 20, 8, and 16, while the Powerball was 1.For your chance of also becoming a winner, purchase your tickets online at