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Record breaking Canadian Lotto 649 winner still a mystery
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Two weeks ago we told you that a $64 million Canadian Lotto 649 jackpot had been won, the largest ever in the country’s Lotto history.The winning Lotto 649 ticket was sold in Mississauga in the days leading up to the draw which took place on Saturday, October 17th, however lottery officials have yet to meet the mystery winner of this historic prize. Hoping that the winner will come forward before too long, Lotto officials have not yet revealed exactly where the winning ticket was purchased, revealing only the Ontario city in which the store is located.Almost two weeks after the Lotto 649 draw, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) said that they are still waiting for the largest single lotto winner in Canadian history to come forward, but that if they had claimed the money already then it could have earned up to $20,000 in interest having been deposited in a bank. Lottery officials, however, said that they are not concerned; after all, the winner had one year from the date of the draw to come forward and make their claim and the OLG has been kept busy in the meantime with other Ontario winners including a couple from Dufferin County who recently won $1 million on the Lotto Max.It was also revealed that it is not unusual for the winner of a large prize to take their time in coming forward, especially if they want to get their financial affairs in order first. Tony Bitonti for the OLG said “Sometime they wait 24 hours, sometime it’s 24 days, sometimes it’s a few months. You never know what, really, is in the psyche of our big winners,” he finished, reminding us of another lottery winner from Ontario who took five months to claim his Lotto Max prize.Some lottery winners chose to consult lawyers and financial advisors before claiming their lottery prizes, according to Mr Bitonti, and often those that won the big prizes and are aware that they will be in the centre of media attention choose to tell their friends and family in private before revealing themselves to the public. However, OLG officials say that even if the Lotto 649 winner doesn’t want to publicly claim their ticket yet, they should register it as soon as possible by scanning it at any lottery retailer to enable OLG to start to process of paying out the record breaking prize, while most recently in Alberta an Edmonton resident claimed their $2 million Lotto 649 prize from another October drawing.In order to get a chance of also becoming a winner, seize the moment and play online now at