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Retiree finally wins multiple Maryland Lottery prizes after playing for 45 years
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A man from Maryland who has been playing Maryland Lottery games since the lottery began in 1973 has finally had his rewards in a string of big wins.Bob Ignatowski has been playing the Maryland Lottery for 45 years, and he told lottery officials that he has won various prizes over the years, but recently he has had a string of impressive lottery wins. In the space of just 22 days, the 63-year-old Maryland Lottery player found himself making headlines four different times. Recently we’ve told you about a Californian man who found himself on a four-ticket lotto winning streak, and a Colorado couple whose lucky streak didn’t end after their first big lottery win as they’d thought.He participated in the Maryland Lottery’s Warehouse Dash trip to Chicago, which was a prize that he won back in November, and the trip gave 12 winners 9 seconds to race around a warehouse filled with prizes. From his first prize, Bob won a 65” television, an iPad, some tools, and much more.The second prize was from the Home Run Riches lottery game, where Bob was selected as “Contestant of the Game” for the Baltimore Orioles baseball game on June 30th. Contestants win $500 for being selected, and a further $500 every time the Orioles hit a home run. Unfortunately, there were no home runs, so Bob won $500 as his second Maryland Lottery prize. Somebody else who has been playing the lottery for a long time was Richard Giles from New York who won $9.8 million on the New York Lotto after 40 years, and we recently told you about a Canadian lottery player from Ontario whose 30-year commitment to the Lotto 649 paid off to the tune of $1 million.Two days later, Bob said that his phone rang again with a message from the Maryland Lottery telling him that he’d won a five-night cruise. “I couldn’t believe it,” the lottery winner said. “The Lottery called me to tell me I won a trip on the Power Cruise!”The Power Cruise is a five-night cruise with opportunities to win more cash prizes along the journey, and this will be the first cruise that Bob and his wife take together. “One more thing to cross off our bucket list, thanks to the Maryland Lottery,” he said. A Canadian Lotto 649 winner was planning a cruise to Panama to celebrate his $5 million win.The final prize, for now, came on June 9th when Bob won $500 on the Summer Cash Kick-off lottery, and that was the cherry on the top of his big winnings.Get a chance of becoming next lottery winner and purchase your tickets online at