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Rock legend teams up with the Arizona Lottery for exclusive scratchcard ticket
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Alice Cooper, a legendary rock star, has teamed up with the Arizona Lottery to create an exclusive lottery scratchcard ticket.Alice Cooper is originally from Arizona, and made his name in rock music, although he now works in the UK as a radio DJ for Planet Rock. Together with the Arizona Lottery, he has put his name to a new scratchcard ticket, the Alice Cooper Scratchers ticket. Lots of lottery winners have done so on brand new games, for example earlier this year two brothers from North Carolina shared $277,777 on a brand-new scratchcard, and a recent Kansas lottery winner took home her $100,000 on her very favourite scratchcard ticket.“We are excited to join legendary musical artist Alice Cooper with this exclusive scratchcard,” said Gregg Edgar, an executive director of the Arizona Lottery. “The Arizona Lottery is dedicated to supporting vital programs that service people across the state and we are proud of the work Alice is doing with his organization, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock.”Alice Cooper’s Sold Rock is an organisation which works to provide incredible resources, positivity and excellent for Arizona youth, and the Alice Cooper scratchcard will help it do just that. Prizes from the lottery ticket will include six top prizes worth $50,000, and second chance prizes such as VIP tickets to Alice Cooper’s Annual Christmas Pudding Concert, memorabilia of the rock legend, and much more. Lots of lottery winners have a connection to music, for example Adrian Bayford, a EuroMillions winner from the UK, opened a record shop in his town of Haverhill in Essex, England after winning £148 million, and a couple who took home £101 million on the EuroMillions lottery are now living in a country mansion which once belonged to Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones.“You know you’ve made it in this world when you’re an answer on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune,” Mr Cooper said of his legendary status in the USA, continuing: “or if a likeness of your head is on a PEZ dispenser or your face is plastered all over an Arizona scratchcard ticket.”The Alice Cooper scratchcard will include three differently designed tickets for players to collect, and they went on sale August 7th, for players of the Arizona Lottery across the state. Recently a lucky lottery ticket holder from Arizona won $1 million thanks to the Mega Millions lottery which paid out a $522 million jackpot in California.Purchase your tickets online at, to be in with a chance of becoming a winner!