Romantic Return to Weymouth for £1.2m UK Lotto Winners

Romantic Return to Weymouth for £1.2m UK Lotto Winners

Romantic Return to Weymouth for £1.2m UK Lotto Winners

44 years ago, Graham and Caroline Parris from Reading, England, enjoyed a romantic weekend in Weymouth. Now the couple are returning there after winning £1.2 million in the November 1 UK Lotto draw.

The couple are now both aged 65 but the UK Lotto winners are still romantic at heart. They were lucky enough to be able to match five of the six main balls and the Bonus Ball to win £1.2 million.

Changed man

It’s often said that  winning a big lottery prize can change your life.  Just ask Mr Parris who says he is a “changed man” since becoming a lottery millionaire. As soon as their amazing win was confirmed, the couple decided it was time to head back to the county of Dorset on the south coast of England and relive some happy memories of Weymouth.

The couple won’t be on their own though. This time their children and grandchildren will be coming along with them.

Fake name

It’s all a bit different from 1979 when they checked in under the names Mr and Mrs Smith. A rather popular name for couples on what Graham said was their “romantic weekend.” They had a great time but never dreamed they’d return there in 2023 as UK Lotto millionaires.

Soon after their UK Lotto win, Mrs Parris quit her job as a part-time receptionist. That ended a run of 51 years working for the local company.

The lucky winner asked her boss to watch the video she made of her husband on the phone confirming their big win. The decision to quit was then revealed though she will still be on call to cover holidays.

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