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Second $1 million scratch card win comes to Massachusetts lottery player
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Just a few months into the year, and a Massachusetts man has won two $1 million prizes on the State Lottery already.Jason Williams won his first $1 million scratch card prize on January 10th this year, and his second prize was won on an instant lottery ticket earlier this month. The last $1 million winnings were won on a 200X scratch card which Mr Williams bought from a local store in Methuen, Massachusetts, and he claimed his prize money last week. A couple from Colorado won $200,000 on the Cash 5 Lottery just six months after winning another $3 million prize.The $1 million winnings were worth a total of $650,000 when Mr Williams chose to take it as a one-time lump sum payment, just as he did with his last big prize. “I’m excited,” the Massachusetts State Lottery winner said. “I was more surprised after the second win than the first one.” A man from Michigan recently took home a Club Keno lottery prize for the second time in seven months.The Howe Street Superette store, where the second winnings sratch card was purchased, will receive a bonus of $10,000 from Massachusetts State Lottery officials. A store in Massachusetts was recently declared a lucky retailer after a local man won $1 million on an instant scratch card. Mr Williams’ first win was thanks to an Ultimate Millions instant game which he bought from a store in Haverhill. A Massachusetts lottery player recently won the Powerball lottery jackpot, to the tune of $758.7 million.“My wife had a dream last year that we won in 2018, and ever since then, we’ve been playing,” the scratch card winner explained. “2018 isn’t over, so we’ll keep playing.” A National Lottery scratch card winner from England won his £1 million after having a dream about National Lottery luck.Despite being a two-time $1 million lottery winner, Mr Williams is still working, and he said that he went straight back to work after finding out about his big windfall. The Massachusetts State Lottery winnings are going to be put towards the futures of his two young children, and the family plan to continue living a modest lifestyle.If you fancy getting yourself in on the winnings, give yourself a chance by playing online now at