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Second prize in five months for New Zealand Powerball winner
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For the winner of a $11 million New Zealand Powerball prize, it is the second time in five months that they have claimed a top lottery jackpot.Just a couple of months ago a couple from Auckland were in shock after winning $6.3 million on the NZ Powerball, and now another Auckland woman, who won $11 million on the NZ Powerball this last weekend, also won $333,333 on the New Zealand lotto First Division back in May. The lucky winner said that she was in shock when she realised that all of her numbers on one of her lottery tickets matched up with those from the NZ Powerball draw. Another Auckland lottery player recently won the NZ Lotto top prize two times in the same week!The lucky New Zealander said that she woke her husband up from a nap he was taking on the couch to say “We’ve won again!”. Despite their good fortune earlier this year, the Auckland couple said that the latest win means that they can increase their wish list for the dream home, which will also be the first that they’ve owned. Other fortune New Zealanders include a store in Pukekohe, which sold two winning tickets for the same New Zealand Lotto drawing.“We’ve been renting all our lives, so after we won Lotto First Division back in May we tucked the prize away and started house hunting,” she explained. Now, however, that house hunt can take a whole new direction with their $11 million NZ Powerball prize, and the lucky winner said that they were hoping to add a swimming pool and some more land to the list. For a couple from Ireland, their dream home was their aim after winning €45,742 on the Irish Lotto last year, while a man from British Columbia in Canada was planning to build his own dream house after he won $500,000 on the Canadian Lotto 649.The husband also plans to retire, and they said that they’ll be able to use some of the money to help out their children, with whom they celebrated with a special dinner last weekend after spending all day looking at houses. The winning ticket was purchased from Albany New World, a store at the NZ Powerball winner’s local mall where she was doing some late night shopping for new clothes.Lady Luck could be smiling at you right now... purchase your tickets online at