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Simple Mistake Costs Player £105m EuroMillions Jackpot
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Simple Mistake Costs Player £105m EuroMillions Jackpot

When you fill in your lottery tickets, always check the details are correct. A British player of the EuroMillions draw has revealed how he made a very costly mistake.

Writing on Reddit, he told of the night in 2019 when he thought a £105 million EuroMillions jackpot had been won. However, his joy turned to sorrow when discovering he’d picked the right numbers but for the wrong draw.

Four lines had been purchased using the National Lottery app.  He’d purchased them just 11 minutes before the deadline, so was in a bit of a hurry. Three saw him use his own numbers, with the other being a Lucky Dip

He was in the habit of checking his EuroMillions tickets as soon as the results became available on the National Lottery app. It was between midnight and 1am that he checked the results of that evening’s EuroMillions draw. He was to get the shock of his life but not just one was on the way.

HisLucky Dip ticket had matched the five main balls and the two Lucky Stars.The EuroMillions ‘winner’ wanted to “scream, shout and go crazy” but his fiancé and child were both fast asleep. Instead, he began to dream about how he’d spend the £105 million jackpot.

He could finally marry his partner of 11 years and buy a house rather than continue renting. However, all was not right with his EuroMillions ticket. On closer inspection, he realized that a very costly error had been made.

Oh no!

“When going through the motions of how to start the process of claiming the winnings I realised I had accidentally bought my ticket for Friday's draw - something that I have never done before,” said the shocked EuroMillions player.

Rather than shouting and screaming, he ended up crying himself to sleep. His dreams of buying a Tesla were in tatters all because of a simple mistake.

The unlucky player did win a prize in the next EuroMillions draw. However, it was only £5.50, not quite the £105 million he thought had been won.

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