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Spain Prepares Itself for the El Niño Draw
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It's been a big week when it comes to playing lottery games in Spain. Last week we had the excitement of the El Gordo de Navidad lottery. Then that was followed by a ticket sold in Spain winning a £21.534m EuroMillions jackpot. The excitement isn't over yet though because on Friday January 6th it's the El Niño lottery draw.The El Niño draw is the second most important one held in Spain. 'El Niño' means 'the child' and the draw takes place on the day of the Epiphany. That's the day when in Christmas tradition the three Kings visited the baby Jesus.If players didn't get a win in the El Gordo de Navidad draw, they'll be hoping for success in the El Niño lottery as there are €630m worth of prizes up for grabs with €90m as the first prize, €33.75m for second and €11.25m for third. Those amounts aren't as high as those given out in the El Gordo de Navidad draw which paid out €2.31 billion in prizes on December 22nd.As well as the massive prizes for the top wins, there are thousands of smaller prizes available in the El Niño lottery draw. These range from €200 to €12,000.The draw has 45 series of 100,000 numbers each.People all over Spain play the El Niño lottery draw and a survey carried out by the Spanish lottery operator showed that it's Madrid who have won the top prize most times. A total of 41 wins with the last being earlier this year in the 2016 El Niño draw. It was the area of Almeria who won the top prize in this year's El NiñoLottery, with a host of players winning €200,000.In second place is Barcelona (it's a bit like the La Liga table isn't it?) with 35 El Niño jackpot wins. That's followed by 17 for Bilbao, 14 for Valencia and 10 for Seville. It's estimated that each Spanish person will spend an average of €16.9 in the El Niño 2017 lottery draw, €0.09 more than in 2016.That figure is higher in the region of Castilla y Leon with an average of €25.75. Strangely, despite their success in Madrid the average is only €17.16. The lowest average spend is in Ceuta with each person spending just €3.71, but who knows they could still be a big winner on January 6th ...For your chance of winning in the El Niño draw, purchase your tickets online now at