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Spanish Christmas Lottery is officially announced with heart-warming advert
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This year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery has been announced to take place on December 22nd, and a special advert showing the true meaning of Christmas started off the tradition.In the Palacio de Linares in Madrid, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, commonly known as “El Gordo”, which we explained in an article about the history of the lottery game, was ceremoniously announced with a TV advert which told the story of the third dimension in which a lottery player is watching the advert of the previous year, and believes that she has won the lottery. Last year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery advert broke hearts across the world, and this one is no different. The story is about a lady called Carmina, a retired school teacher who matches her ticket for “El Gordo” with the ones that she hears drawn on TV, and believes that she has won a huge amount of money. Last year, one player in Almeria won €400,000 on the El Gordo de Navidad, and the whole town was celebrating.She is sadly mistaken, however, because the scene she has seen on the TV is from two years previously, and the date is still December 21st, the day before the 2016 drawing. We continue with Carmina’s journey as she begins telling her friends and family about her Spanish Christmas Lottery win, and they can’t bring themselves to tell her the truth. Instead, what we see is an entire community coming together to help her preserve her happiness.In the end, we see the village coming together to celebrate Carmina’s big win, helping to keep her dream alive, and finally she hugs her son, gives him her lottery ticket, and tells him that she wants him to have it and the millions of euros that come with it. There is also a special New Year Spanish lottery, referred to as “El Niño”, so the players might always have a second chance. According to the Spanish Christmas Lottery, the advert focuses on the best part of winning the lottery, the opportunity to share, perhaps why the Christmas Lottery has shared its fame with a weekly lottery, El Gordo de la Primitiva, which was launched in 1993. The advert was directed by the same director who made the advert for the Christmas Lottery in 2014, Santiago Zannou.“El Gordo” on December 22nd 2016 will be worth €2.31 billion in prizes, €70m more than in previous years, and jackpots will range from €4 million to €400,000.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at