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How would you spend a 150m euros SuperEnalotto jackpot
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HOW WOULD YOU SPEND A 150M EUROS SUPERENALOTTO JACKPOTThe SuperEnalotto jackpot has gone through the 150m Euros barrier (£131m). That makes it the largest European jackpot at present and who knows, it could be you who ends up winning Italy’s top lottery prize.The highest ever SuperEnalotto jackpot was the 177.7m Euros won by a syndicate in 2010. The most a single player has won is the 147.8m Euros jackpot won in 2009.. A ticket sold in Sassuolo won a 40.192m Euros SuperEnalotto jackpot. Also celebrating was a player from Sicily who won a 21.8m Euros jackpot on the same lottery last year.Just imagine if you were lucky enough to win the 150m Euros jackpot in the draw that’s held on Tuesday 4 October, just how could such an enormous amount of money be spent?Plenty of lottery winners immediately go out and buy a car. Michael Burkett from Washington won a $157m Mega Millions jackpot and went out and bought an electric car. With the 150m Euros SuperEnalotto jackpot in your pocket you could buy the world’s most expensive car. That’s the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita and costs 4.3m Euros, so why not buy a whole fleet of them? £148m EuroMillions winner Gillian Bayford did that for her friends after her big win. Why is this car so expensive? Well it has an exterior finish called the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave which sees carbon fibres with a diamond dust-impregnated resin.Buying a new home is always a popular way to spend your lottery win. Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich bought a mansion in Kensington Palace that’s worth $140m so why not see if he wants to sell. He’s always selling footballers so perhaps you could buy his mansion after your 150m Euros SuperEnalotto win, after all he has plenty of other ones. Former Chelsea player Terry Bradbury won a £5.5m UK Lotto jackpot last year.Once you’ve won that SuperEnalotto jackpot, you’ll be feeling like going on a holiday. With 150m Euros in the bank you could take all your friends to the Exumas Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay. You have to rent the whole island with as many as 24 guests in five guesthouses. It only costs from $37.500 a day for up to 12 guests and you can have a personal fireworks show and a customized treasure hunt.Here’s hoping your SuperEnalotto dreams come true on Tuesday... don't forget to buy your tickets online at