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A spring clean leads to €500,000 EuroMillions win for Dublin man
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A man from Dublin has found himself the winner of a €500,000 EuroMillions prize after a spring clean lead him to finding a forgotten ticket.The man, who chose to remain anonymous when he claimed his EuroMillions prize with officials in Ireland, told lottery officials that his wife had asked him to organise and tidy up a pile of receipts and Lotto tickets when he uncovered an unchecked ticket from the drawing on April 15th. “I was cleaning up a pile of old tickets and I just started checking them on my phone,” he said, his story not dissimilar from that of Linda Tuttle from Michigan in the USA who found her winning Mega Millions ticket in a pile of old mail. The Irish winner continued, “When I saw that I had won the plus draw, I had to keep scanning my tickets with my wife to make sure we had won.”Once both he and his wife had checked the tickets enough to believe that they really had won, the lottery winner went on to say that he couldn’t imagine how fortuitous it was that he finally organised the tickets, just like a Lotto winner from Cork who found a €500,000 EuroMillions ticket in her pantry during a spring clean. “It’s hard to imagine that I had a €500,000 winning ticket rolled up into a ball on my floor for three weeks,” he said, fortunately realising his win before the 90 day deadline, which a winning Lotto ticket holder in South Dublin almost encroached last year.The ticket won the EuroMillions Plus top prize, and was a lucky dip ticket purchased from Jones’ Deli in Ballsbridge, Dublin. The winner said that he bought it on the day of the draw, but of course promptly forgot about it until almost a month later.Now that they are half a millionaires, the couple from Dublin are going to remain sensible with their money, and they said that the first thing they’ll be doing with the EuroMillions prize is to pay off their mortgage. “We are going to pay off our mortgage first and foremost while the rest of the money will be put towards our children’s education over the next number of years,” they said. But they won’t be retiring, unlike another couple from Dublin who recently won the Irish Lotto and decided to retire in style.Do you already know what you would do with a lottery windfall? Purchase your tickets online at and discover it.