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SuperEnalotto - the Lotto Superhero
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People all over the world enter weekly lottery games in their millions. It's no wonder: everyone wants to win the kind of money that could change their lives forever. And it's so easy… simply select a few numbers, sit back and wait for that big win.There's so much you can do with a lotto jackpot win; travel the world, buy a car or home, invest in property, start a business or simply pay off those niggling debts you couldn't afford to be rid of before. Who wouldn't want that?The SuperEnalotto is the most popular lottery game in Italy, entered by players across the country every week. Now in its sixteenth year, it has a unique feature that many other lotteries can only envy: there's no limit on the number of times the jackpot can roll over to another week. This is great news for regular Italian lottery players, as it means the SuperEnalotto jackpot can grow to astronomical levels.Played three times a week, SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm Italian time.It's not just players in Italy who can win big on the SuperEnalotto – tickets can be purchased online by players in several other countries across the world. It's incredibly easy to play, too: six numbers are selected for each line, anything from 1 to 90. The results are then comprised of a random drawing of six main numbers, plus an additional number known as the Jolly. Matching the six main SuperEnalotto numbers wins a player the jackpot, but matching the Jolly number plus five main numbers could still nab you a sizeable chunk of SuperEnalotto winnings.Also, SuperEnalotto’s ticket costs are so reasonable that it's more than worth it for the potential return on your investment. Give it a try and purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at