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SuperEnalotto's three biggest winners
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The SuperEnalotto or Enalotto, as it is known in Italy, has been an on-going Italian lottery phenomenon since the early 1950s. There are three weekly SuperEnalotto draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm (UTC+01:00 Central European Time).The single biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot was an astounding €177,800,000 and was claimed by a single SuperEnalotto ticket holder. Let’s look at the top three biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot winners and how they spent their SuperEnalotto winnings.The single biggest draw, if you forgive the pun, is the fact that SuperEnalotto offers the biggest cash lump sum of any lotto. The biggest ever was an incredible €177,800,000SuperEnalotto winning which was claimed by a Tuscan husband and wife who walked away with Italy's biggest lotto win. The couple was reportedly seen visiting a Tuscan villa on the market for €28 million - this villa has 20 bedrooms, a pool, a gym, along with a vineyard.The second biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot was won in 2010 by a Milan man who scooped a huge €139 million. The unnamed Milan resident purchased his winning ticket quite by accident - he was buying a soft drink and decided to give it a go. He is reported to have purchased a Milan apartment worth €11 million.In October 2008, a lucky Catania resident, remaining anonymous, won a huge €100 million jackpot. The unnamed individual walked away with the third largest lotto jackpot in Italy's SuperEnalotto history. The unnamed individual was reported to have purchased a Ferrari California for €540,000.The SuperEnalotto lottery is a major lottery - so why not look into trying it and buy your SuperEnalotto tickets online at Who knows, you could win big and join the ranks of the multi-millionaires!