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Syndicate of family friends win £1 million on the EuroMillions, plus a luxury trip to Brazil
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A syndicate of two from Biggleswade in England have won £1 million in a special EuroMillions draw that also included a luxury trip to Rio to celebrate Team GB’s Paralympic success and the way National Lottery funding contributed to that success.Maggie Pendergast and Steve Kerr, who are family friends from Langford, won the prize with one of the tickets that Maggie purchased from the Morrison’s store in Letchworth. Ms Pendergast told lottery officials that the pair of them traditionally purchase two EuroMillions tickets each and every week and they have a pact to share the winnings, just like a family syndicate who recently won a $7 million New Zealand Powerball prize.“I always get the tickets from Morrison’s in Letchworth for the Friday night draw, and always check the tickets on the Saturday morning,” The lottery winner said that she checked the winning EuroMillions numbers of Friday, September 9th’s draw on the TV the following morning and found herself staring at the screen in shock.Not long after the UK Lotto paid out some extra special prizes to celebrate Olympic success, the pair won their prize in a celebration of the Paralympics in Brazil. “Steve came around, and we were both a bit shocked and stunned,” the lottery winner told officials as they collected their EuroMillions prize, following calling the National Lottery hotline to double check their prize. “I can’t remember any other part of that Saturday other than going out to bingo in the evening,” Ms Pendergast said.Just like John Edmond from Scotland who won £1 million on the EuroMillions plus a trip to Bali last year, Maggie and Steve also won a luxury Brazilian holiday and they’ll be taking Maggie’s son Jason, daughter in law Sue and grandson Jolon with them.“I will use the money to buy a new mobility scooter, a new hearing aid and a new bed. I will use the rest to help everyone in my family,” Maggie told lottery officials of her plans for the EuroMillions winnings, while her syndicate partner said that he’s going to buy a new car, but after that he has no major plans for his share of the winnings.Take the first step towards fulfilling your wishes and play online at