Terminally-Ill Man Wins £1 million EuroMillions Prize

Terminally-Ill Man Wins £1 million EuroMillions Prize

Terminally-Ill Man Wins £1 million EuroMillions Prize

A couple from Stirling in Scotland will buy a new bungalow after winning a £1 million EuroMillions prize. The win will help make life easier for Ian Anderson who sadly is terminally ill with pleural plaques and pulmonary fibrosis.

The 77-year-old needs constant oxygen and his wife Marlyn, 70, is his full-time carer. Because of this he isn’t able to get upstairs so buying a bungalow is going to be perfect for him.

Marlyn saw she only had £4.90 left in her National Lottery account and decided to buy a Lucky Dip ticket for the next EuroMillions draw. What a decision that’s proved to be.

The £1 million win will ensure that her husband “ can have the very best quality of life in the time he has left.” Currently their living room resembles a bedsit but that will now change.

His own bedroom

He’ll be able to have his own bedroom with no concerns of having to climb any stairs. His wife said that this will be so special as it is something that they haven’t been able to do for “such a long time.” Marlyn added that her husband will “be able to live the rest of his life in comfort.”

Ian used to work in the construction industry and fears that has affected his health. Being exposed to asbestos has led to the problems he now has.

It’s certainly changed his life as in the past the couple “lived life to the full.” That included going on several overseas holidays including Australia.

When their EuroMillions ticket was first checked, Marlyn thought they’d only won £1,000.  An £61 million winning English couple initially believed they’d won £2.60.


Then she started to count the number of zeros and stared at the ticket in disbelief. It’s taking some time for them to come to terms with their win.

Marlyn said: “Winning the lottery can buy you things you couldn't afford but it can't buy your health, so the next best thing is make your life as comfortable as you can."

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