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Texas resident claims Powerball prize worth $1 million purchased from local store
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A Texan from the town on Kilgore is claiming a Powerball lottery prize worth $1 million which has other local residents wishing it were them.The lucky winner took home their Powerball prize in the August 15th drawing, and they purchased their ticket from the Food and Fuel Stop on the corner of Stone and Eastridge roads in Kilgore. Another regular customer, known as CJ, told lottery officials “I wish it had been me,” while the store owner celebrated his customer’s good fortune. Several years ago, a lucky Texan won $33 million on the Mega Millions lottery.“I know mostly everybody,” said store owner Justin Chehal. “I know their first names and their families.” The Powerball retailer told lottery officials about the special moment last week when one of his regular customers checked his Powerball ticket to reveal a $1 million prize. A Dublin store owner was recently delighted when one of his regular customers became a millionaire thanks to a EuroMillions drawing, and earlier this month a Californian won $750,000 on a scratch card right in front of the store clerk who sold him the ticket.“He was checking his ticket and said, ‘what’s that mean when the machine said something’ and my wife said, ‘that means you win a million dollars; you need to go to Austin!’” the store owner recalled. The lucky Kilgore resident matched Powerball numbers 12, 15, 28, 47 and 48, missing just the Powerball number and won $1 million.Mr Chehal said that his customer has been playing the same numbers for many years, and that it is a combination of family numbers including his wife’s birthday. “He was very excited to win that, but he said he’d not going to quit his job and his wife is gonna keep working,” the lottery retailer added. A recent EuroMillions winner from Warwickshire in England said that he would keep working despite his £1 million win, while a winner of the NZ Lotto said that her $1 million prize wouldn’t change her family too much, other than spending more time together.This is the first time that the Kilgore store has sold a million-dollar lottery ticket, but they have had scratch off wines in the past. “A couple months ago we sold a $10,000 ticket, and we have had $30,000, $50,000 tickets in here,” the Powerball retailer added.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at