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That’s not $1,000 it’s $1m say shocked Powerball winners
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Cindy and Steve Ooley from Fishers in Indiana, USA, were perfectly happy with their $1,000 Powerball win. Then they went to claim their prize and couldn’t believe it when told their win was actually $1m.Their big win came in the September 23, 2017 Powerball draw but their good fortune wasn’t discovered until late January. Cindy was at home clearing out a desk drawer when she found some old Powerball tickets and naturally wondered if any of them were winners. She checked the results from the September 23 draw and believed they had won $1,000. Barbara Yiesley from Iowa, USA, kept a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket in her purse for five months.The delighted couple then headed off to Indianapolis to claim their $1,000 Powerball winnings but a big shock was awaiting them. The couple were being interviewed by Hoosier Lottery officials, which is standard procedure when claiming a win of at least $1,000. Steve looked down at the table, where there was a ceremonial big cheque for their Powerball win as Cindy spoke to the official. He then interrupted them, declaring “That’s not $1,000.”Lottery officials confirmed that their Powerball win was in fact $1m and all the shocked husband could say was “This is nuts. This is crazy.” The winning Powerball couple then got on the phone to their bank to tell them their win was a little bit larger than they’d anticipated. In England, Marjorie Tyrie phoned to claim a £1,000 win but it turned out to be a £1m UK Lotto windfall. Also, in England, Jenn Burston reckoned she’d won £3,000 before realising it was in fact a £3m UK Lotto win.It’s the latest big win in the state of Indiana. Fred Bedford won a $50,000 Powerball prize but it took him two weeks to claim his winnings. Also celebrating was Rudolf Serna after he won $2m playing the Powerball draw.The couple play every Powerball draw and enjoy dreaming about how they’d spend a big win. Their winning ticket was purchased from Meijer in Carmel, where Cindy regularly buys tickets and matched the five main numbers in the draw. Their lucky numbers were 24-45-55-56-71 but they missed out on the Powerball 19 or they’d have won the $53.6m jackpot.The couple have no firm plans on how to spend their winnings, but Cindy said, “We’re not going to have to watch things quite as closely.”If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at