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This Time They are EuroMillions Winners
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We all dream of winning a EuroMillions jackpot, don’t we? A husband and wife from Louth in Ireland, thought that had happened earlier this year. It didn’t but they are celebrating now after winning €500,000 in the March 21 EuroMillions draw.The couple have asked to remain anonymous, that’s just like the $2m Tatts Lotto winner from Australia that reported on earlier this week. It was earlier in the year that the couple believed they had won a €88.5m EuroMillions jackpot. The husband revealed that after buying a ticket for that draw “I was absolutely convinced that I had won. I had the ticket for days and I was too afraid to check it. Once I heard that the winners came forward, I promised that I would be next to win big”.At least he didn’t go around spending loads of money as a French woman did after wrongly believing she’d won a EuroMillions jackpot. David and Edwina Nylan from England were convinced they had won a £35m EuroMillions top prize but their ticket hadn’t been accepted in time.This time the Irish couple were right and they did win a €500,000 prize in the March 21 EuroMillions draw. Their winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased from Dunnes Store in Dundalk the day before the draw took place. The winning wife said, “We still haven’t told anybody in our family, including our kids.” Canadians Daniel Schulli and his wife Kelly won $9.7 million in the Lotto 6/49 draw but took time before telling their children.She added that they are still coming to terms with the amount of cash suddenly deposited into their bank account and “need to take some time before we start making any plans.” They have revealed some plans for their EuroMillions windfall and that includes going on holiday, just like Scottish couple Donna and David Hendry who went to Graceland, USA, after their £4m UK Lotto win.The last ten years have seen them having holidays on Staycation in Ireland, so a “nice sun holiday” is well overdue once they have paid off some bills. That includes paying off what is owing on their house. “It’s a great comfort to know that we will be finally free of our mortgage for the rest of our days” the wife added. A couple in New Zealand had just had a mortgage application turned down days before winning a $44m New Zealand Powerball jackpot.Any wishes for your lottery windfall? Play online today at