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Three friends share $3.6 million in winning Canadian Lotto 649 draw
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Three long-time friends from the Canadian city of Victoria on Vancouver Island have won their retirement packages from the Lotto 649 after winning $3.6 million on the national game.The three friends include Mary Grills, 63 years old, who was already retired when they found out that they had won their prize, and now her two friends Bev Allaire, 65, and Trish Little, 56, will join her in retirement thanks to their lottery luck. The winning ticket, which the friends purchased together, was bought at a gas station in Victoria, and Ms Little said that the three of them have been playing the same numbers for 22 years, almost as long as the 28 years that Duarte Almeida, a Lotto 649 winner also from Victoria, had been playing his numbers before his big win.“The actual winning numbers were Mary’s pick of numbers. It was her birthdate, her husband’s birthdate, and both her son and daughter’s ages and her and her husband’s ages from 22 years ago,” she said of the draw on Saturday, just a few months after a record breaking Lotto 649 jackpot was won. Trish and Mary told lottery officials that they have been good friends for 38 years, and they have known Bev for 23 years, after they all worked together at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, and continued to be friends and colleagues until Mary retired six years ago.The others said that they were leaning towards retirement anyway, “I’m on holidays, actually, until the end of April and Bev gave her two weeks’ notice,” said Trish. “She was going to retire at the end of April anyway, and I had already phoned the pension people to get my package because I’ve been working at the hospital for 37 years.” The Lotto 649 winners are following suit from Raymond Storey from Dundee in Scotland who retired two minutes after his EuroMillions win, and Derek Blatcher from Ashton in England who took early retirement after a scratch card success.Each of the women will receive $1.2 million thanks to the Lotto 649 windfall, and they all have different plans to their jackpot. Mary, who is married and has two children and five grandchildren, said that she will be using some of her Lotto 649 money to help out the family. Bev and Trish, however, who are single and widowed respectively, will both be doing a lot of travelling, while Bev said that she will also be paying off her mortgage. “It’s very surreal,” said Trish.Give your dreams a chance and purchase your lottery tickets online at