Tickets Sold in UK and Spain Share €144m EuroMillions Jackpot

Tickets Sold in UK and Spain Share €144m EuroMillions Jackpot

Tickets Sold in UK and Spain Share €144m EuroMillions Jackpot

Tuesday’s EuroMIllions draw saw two lucky tickets share the £123 million jackpot. One of the tickets was sold in the UK with the other being purchased in Spain. The success came in the drawing that followed last Friday evening’s EuroMillions Superdraw..

Both the winning tickets were able to match: 05-10-19-27-30 and the two Lucky Stars 05 and 06. With that set of main numbers it is just possible that the winners used birthdays and anniversaries to choose their selection.

The UK winner has yet to come forward to claim their EuroMillions win. When they do, they’ll be collecting a total of £61.708 million.

Amazing night

Andy Carter is the senior winners’ advisor for the National Lottery. Speaking about last night’s UK success he said it had been an “amazing night.”  The record EuroMillions win remains the €240 million won by an Austrian  last month.

This is the first UK ticket to win a EuroMIllions jackpot in 2024. It’s the 127th in total and that now puts the UK two ahead of France in terms of jackpot winning tickets sold. It’s the UK’s first EuroMillions jackpot win since last September when a player won £47 million.

For Spain, this is the 119th and they are the third most successful country, six behind France who are in second position.

The Spanish winner is also yet to come forward but we do know the lucky player(s) come from  Leganés, in Madrid. Their win is €72,2 million. It’s the first EuroMillions jackpot win since they had two in successive draws last October.

Third jackpot win of the year

It’s the third time this month that the EuroMIllions jackpot has been won. On the 16th, a ticket sold in France won €87.9 million. The following draw saw a ticket sold in Belgium win €17 million.

That draw on January 16 also saw a UK ticket win £1 million. That prize is yet to be claimed and Mr Carter urged players to “look everywhere” for the ticket that has made them a millionaire.

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