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Toronto mother and son plan to keep $6.4 million Lotto 649 win in the family
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A mother and son from Toronto in Canada recently shared $6.4 million on the Lotto 649, and they say family played a big role in their win.Velma Hobson and son Michael bought the winning Canadian Lotto 649 ticket together, and they said that winning the top prize came thanks to a tradition that was held by Ms Hobson’s late husband. “My mom usually gets up early in the morning and checks all of our tickets,” Mr Hobson told lottery officials. “She has been doing this since my father passed. It was his favourite thing to do in the morning,” he explained. Not everyone checks their tickets straight away, an Indiana couple recently took two weeks to realise they’d won $50,000 on the Powerball.So, when Velma took over from her husband, she didn’t expect to get up on August 12th morning and become a millionaire. Mr Hobson told Lotto 649 officials that his mother “hollered” to him up the stairs and asked him to come downstairs for a minute. Another mother and son lottery winning pair were from Teesside in England, as they won £7.5 million on the UK Lotto.Despite his mother adding, “no rush!” to her call, Mr Hobson said that he could tell there was urgency in her voice, and so he rushed down to see what was going on. The pair checked the numbers and the dates several times at home, before taking the ticket into a store to get it checked again. In Maryland, USA, a college student recently credited his mum with his $50,000 scratch card win.Now, the mother and son plan to make sure that the Lotto 649 win remains a family affair. “Winning the lottery allows me to make life easier for my family,” said Ms Hobson. “Being able to help them out feels wonderful.” Another recent Ontario Lotto 649 winner was also happy to spend his winnings on his family, while a UK Lotto winner in England was looking forward to treating her sons after winning £1 million.Mr Hobson hopes to buy himself a cottage, as well as a boat and a truck, while his mother is thinking about using the Canadian Lotto 649 winnings to renovate her kitchen and bathroom, or perhaps move completely into a new bungalow.Try your hand at the lottery game and play online at