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Two Bonoloto Jackpots Won So Far this Week
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Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots rolled over and remain over the 100 million dollars mark. The best jackpot wins in Europe were in the Bonoloto draw with the top prize won on both Monday and Wednesday.Monday’s Bonoloto draw got the week off to a good start with one ticket winning €588,085.59 after matching 10-19-29-34-40-42. The success continued on Wednesday when two tickets both won €283,113,09 and there was a second-tier win of €155,804.14. The lucky numbers were 04-13-16-22-32-36. It’s the latest run of success as earlier in the month the Bonoloto jackpot was won in successive draws.Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw had a £54.215m jackpot but failed to produce a winner. The elusive numbers were 02-10-14-28-31 and the two Lucky Stars 05 and 07. Friday’s draw will have a top prize of £65m. Hopefully that will produce a big jackpot win, just like in October when a ticket sold in Spain won the €190m EuroMillions top prize.In Italy, the SuperEnalotto jackpot was up to €61.5m but will rise to €62.4m on Thursday after a rollover in Tuesday’s draw. The numbers drawn were 32-40-41-47-56-72 and the Jolly 58. There was one ticket that won €167,897.17 by matching five of the main numbers.The Mega Millions jackpot was $106m on Tuesday but no tickets were able to match 03-07-22-27-50 and the Mega Ball 03. There were three second-tier winners of $1m and the winning tickets were sold in Florida, Illinois and California. In February of this year, Jack Freney from California won $191m playing Mega Millions. On Friday the jackpot will be $119m.The UK Lotto top prize on Wednesday was £1.855m after a lucky ticket holder won the £18.5m UK Lotto jackpot last Saturday. No jackpot wins this time though as tickets were unable to match 02-16-17-27-36-37 and the Bonus Ball 42. On Saturday the jackpot will be £5.2m.The Powerball draw had a $134.8m jackpot on Wednesday but will be $149m on Saturday after another rollover. The elusive numbers were 35-37-46-51-61 and the Powerball 13. No second-tier winners either unlike Mark Weatherspoon from Missouri, USA, who won $1 playing the Powerball game.The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw on Wednesday had a €5m top prize but didn’t produce a jackpot winner. The numbers drawn were 24-28-29-32-34-48 and the SuperNumber 09. There was a big winner though with one lucky ticket winning a second-tier prize of €824,489.90. On Saturday players will be chasing a €8m jackpot.The Joker draw saw two tickets match 9-1-1-3-8-0 to win the top prize of €391,591.50. More success followed with one winner of €100,000 in the Super 6 draw after matching 6-7-5-3-0-0.Don't wait any longer and purchase your tickets online at