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Two Wins in Day for North Carolina Player
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We all celebrate when being lucky enough to get a lottery win but Kimberley Morris from Wake Forest In North Carolina, USA, has been fortunate enough to have two big wins on Monday November 6 playing the $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler scratch card, including a $1m top prize.The mother of three first struck lucky when purchasing a $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler ticket from a Harris Teeter supermarket and won $10,000. Rather than waiting to claim her prize, she headed off to North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. "I was shocked," the lucky winner said, “It felt really great to win, but I really have always dreamed I would win $1 million!"On her way back home, Morris decided to see if her lucky streak would continue and stopped off at the Quality Food Mart in Raleigh to buy another $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler ticket. Amazingly, that lucky streak was still intact, and her dreams came true as she won a $1 million-dollar prize.Jorge Matamoros from Silver Spring in Maryland, USA, also had two big wins playing the same game culminating in a $50,000 20x the Cash scratch card win. In Iowa, USA, Clark Voge had two $30,000 Bonus Crossword wins inside a month. Some repeat wins take a while though, Judy Marsh from Virginia, USA, waited six years for a second win and scooped a $1m Mega Millions prize.Immediately the extremely lucky player phoned her husband, John, who still has vivid memories of that call. "She was freaking out on the phone," he said. "I couldn't understand her, so I told her to slow down. When I realized what she was saying, I didn't believe her at first. I had to come home and see it for myself." A woman from Baltimore in Maryland, USA, changed the game she plays and won $20,000 playing the Lucky Bingo scratch card.Back Morris went to claim her second $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler prize. Kimberley has decided to accept her win as a lump sum of $600,000, which after taxes will see her receive $417,012. "I wasn't really expecting much," says Morris. "I just enjoy playing the lottery. “The lucky winner says she plans to invest her winnings and share some of it with her children. Now she needs another win to equal the achievement of Canadian Laurie McLachlan who had three big wins including winning a $100,000 Queen of Hearts scratch card windfall.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at