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UK couple miss out on EuroMillions £124 million jackpot by one number
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A couple from the UK have told how they thought they had won £124 million on the EuroMillions lottery, until they realised they were one number short.While nobody may have won the EuroMillions top prize last Tuesday, one couple in the UK were celebrating for a minute when they saw the numbers that had been drawn last Tuesday October 4th, and thought they had scooped the entire jackpot. Jan and Paul French, from Wickford, Essex, told the local press that they thought they had won because they matched four main numbers and two lucky stars, and their fifth number was 35, while the winning number was 34. Fortunately the two of them didn’t go as far as a French lottery player who thought she’d won a top EuroMillions prize and spent thousands on a shopping trip.The winning numbers in the draw were 4, 7, 14, 38 and 34, while the lucky stars were 4 and 11. If only their ticket matched the number 34 as well, they would be looking at a cheque for more than £124 million, while instead they scored £1,938. Recently an Irish syndicate came within one number of a EuroMillions jackpot, but were delighted with their win.It wasn’t until they looked more closely that they realised they hadn’t quite won the jackpot, and Mr French, 41, told the press that he couldn’t help feeling like something had been taken away from him. “I’ve been in a sulk all day about it,” he said. “My pals said to me that I should be happy that I won nearly £2,000 but all I can think about is how close I came to winning big,” just like another recent British player who missed out on £92 million because of one missing EuroMillions number.The couple, who said that they might now be put off playing the lottery again, will at least be able to use their winnings to buy a new front door, as their current one was recently damaged in an attempted burglary. Mr and Mrs French usually buy more than ten EuroMillions tickets a week between them, but Mr French said that he can’t imagine getting any closer to winning than he did this weekend.Lady Luck could be smiling at you anytime, so purchase your tickets online at