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UK Lotto and El Gordo jackpots won
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There were two massive jackpot wins over the weekend. Saturday saw a £21m UK Lotto win and that was followed on Sunday by a €18m El Gordo top prize being won.The SuperEnalotto jackpot will be €33.5m on Tuesday after a couple of rollovers since our last round-up. Thursday’s numbers were 41-62-77-79-81-84 and the Jolly 60 but no tickets could match those leading to a €32.4m top prize but tickets were unable to match 29-49-50-56-64-78 and the Jolly 89.Thursday’s Bonoloto draw produced a €578,984.60 jackpot win for a single ticket with the lucky numbers being 14-19-36-37-38-40.Last week's $143m Mega Millions jackpot winner has yet to claim their prize. On Friday the top prize was $45m but tickets couldn’t match14-38-40-53-70 and the Mega Ball 22. Three tickets sold in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Missouri won the $1m second-tier prize just like Richard Hopper Sr. from Michigan, USA, who won a $1m Mega Millions prize. On Tuesday, the jackpot will be $50m.Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot was £15.004m after a ticket sold in Austria won the €45,566,998 EuroMillions top prize on Tuesday. No repeat win with the elusive numbers 03-22-34-49-50 and the two Lucky Stars 08 and 11. Four tickets got the runners-up prize with two sold in the UK winning £162,462.10 and the others in Belgium and Spain winning €249,726.20. On Tuesday, the jackpot is £22m.The EuroJackpot draw had a top prize of €65m but ended in a rollover. The numbers drawn were 03-14-17-37-39 and the two EuroNumbers 05 and 10. There were three second-tier winners each getting €702,147.40. Next Friday’s jackpot is €78m.The big win of the weekend came in Saturday’s UK Lotto draw with one ticket scooping the £21,044,592 jackpot. Saturday’s numbers were 01-15-21-30-35-44 and the Bonus Ball 05. It’s the latest big win this year after Shirley and Dennis Banfield from Gloucester won a £18m UK Lotto jackpot. On Wednesday, the top prize is £1.8m.Saturday’s Powerball had a $257.9m jackpot but will be $280m on Wednesday after another rollover. The elusive numbers were 22-42-45-55-56 and the Powerball 14. There were no second-tier winners unlike Johana Moreno from Connecticut, USA, who bagged $1m playing Powerball.The Lotto 6 aus 49 draw on Saturday produced two second-tier wins of €831,457.30 and there were two runners-up prizes of €335,372.93 in Saturday’s La Primitiva draw. There was success in the Super 6 draw with six winners of the €100,000 top prize.Sunday proved to be a lucky day with a ticket purchased online matching 08-12-21-34-37 and the Reintegro 0 to win €18,898,838.90.The big wins followed with one ticket winning the €1m Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot. More success with two top prize winners in the Joker draw, both winning €83,933.40.Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at