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UK’s second biggest lottery winner trades wife for stable girl
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Adrian Bayford, one half of the UK’s second biggest lottery winners, bought a Grade II country mansion for his wife after winning £148 million on the EuroMillions, but is now moving in his new fiancée instead.Adrian and Gillian Bayford became multi-millionaires in August 2012 when they won a £148 million prize on the EuroMillions lottery, and subsequently bought a £6 million house in Suffolk with their winnings. However, the pair separated 15 months later, and Mr Bayford announced his engagement to Samantha Burbidge in March of this year.It has now emerged that Mr Bayford is now moving the former stable girl, who is 16 years his junior, into his Grade II listed property while Mrs Bayford is living in an exclusive estate on the outskirts of Dundee with her new partner. It is thought that Mrs Bayford is currently in a relationship with Alan Warnock, a car dealer.The couple blamed their divorce on the stress of winning the lottery, and told the media that the relationship had ‘broken down irretrievably’ following their big win which brought them quickly into the limelight of the UK press. At that point, the couple both moved out of their Suffolk mansion and Mr Bayford moved into a £750,000 property nearby while Mrs Bayford moved back to Scotland where she is originally from.Mr Bayford is said to have met his fiancée Ms Burbidge at a local pub, before taking her on a luxury holiday in the Maldives where he proposed just six weeks later. The couple are now, according to friends, settled in the multi-million pound mansion in Suffolk and friends have already begun calling them ‘Lord and Lady of the manor’.It is thought that the former married couple have equally split their lottery winnings, properties and other assets, and Mrs Bayford reportedly met her new partner when buying a fleet of Audis from his dealership near her hometown of Dundee. It is not known whether the couple are still on good terms, but with Mr Bayford set to get remarried before too long, this story is far from over.If you think you could follow in the footsteps of the Bayfords in becoming a EuroMillions winner, why not give it a go with us on