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Australia urges players to check tickets for unclaimed lottery jackpots
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Australia urges players to check tickets for unclaimed lottery jackpots

$12 million of unclaimed lottery jackpots are yet to be pocketed in Australia. 23 mystery winners are set to miss out on their huge prizes.

Millions still to be claimed

Lottery officials in Australia are calling on lottery players to check their tickets. 23 people are currently missing out on a share of $12,369,939.43.Those winners are spread across the country in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.Two of the unclaimed lottery jackpots are for tickets purchased five years ago.A spokesperson for The Lott in Australia said that a recent winner came forward to claim a prize after finding an old ticket. They had found it after sorting through piles of paper on their kitchen table that had been untouched for weeks.“We’ve had past winners come forward after finding an old ticket in the back of a drawer, in the central console of their car and at the bottom of their handbag,” the lottery spokesman said.

Seven years to claim

Despite some of the unclaimed lottery jackpot dating back five years, the winners still have time to come forward.The rules for claiming lottery prizes in Australia vary state by state.In Queensland, winners have up to seven years to make a claim. In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, they’ve only got six years.Players in the Northern Territory and South Australia have three years and 12 months respectively. Winnings are then sent to an unclaimed prizes reserve.In both Victoria and Tasmania, prizes should be claimed within six months. However, if the winner misses the deadline, they can submit a claim form to the State Government.Winners in Australia are also able to remain anonymous. Remaining anonymous is one of the smartest things you can do when you win the lottery.

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