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Under 18s No Longer Able to Play UK Lotteries
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Under 18s No Longer Able to Play UK Lotteries

A major rule change has taken place and no longer will those under 18 be able to play UK lotteries. It comes just as the EuroMillions draw reaches its jackpot cap.

News of the proposed change came earlier this year.  Now October has arrived, and the rule changes have come into force.  In the past it has been possible for those aged 16 and above to be able to play not just Lotto and EuroMillions but other games such as scratchcards.

Birthday presents delayed

It has been a common practice for those reaching the age of 16 to receive UK lotteries tickets for their birthday. Now the youngsters will have to wait a couple of years longer until they celebrate their 18th birthday.

The news that UK lotteries have changed the minimum age has been greeted by some. Matt Zarb-Cousin is director of Clean Up Gambling. In the past he has said that “Britain is the only country in the world that allows children to gamble.”

Problem gambling

The UK Government had pushed for the minimum age to be increased. They had seen evidence that suggested a possible association between problem gambling and those aged 16 and 17 who were playing games run by UK Lotteries. This was particularly the case for scratchcards.

However, some emerging evidence is showing a possible association between recall of playing National Lottery products at the ages of 16 and 17 and problematic gambling, particularly for instant win games such as scratchcards. This has led to the important change in UK lotteries.

Mr Cousin said that the instant win games “have more in common with online casinos than lotteries.” He had called for an increase in the minimum age, so will naturally be delighted that it has finally happened.

Record EuroMillions jackpot

This means we won’t have a winner of the massive EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday who will be under 18. Another rollover last Friday means that EuroMillions has reached its jackpot cap of €220 million (£187 million) and if won, that’d be the highest win in UK lotteries history.

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