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US Marine veteran sails into largest Keno prize of his life
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A veteran US Marine from Maryland in the USA has won the largest Keno lottery prize of his life as he arrives at his ideal destination – retirement.The lottery winner, who didn’t reveal his name but referred to himself as “Keno Captain” as he claimed his prize, has been enjoying boating and playing the Keno lottery ever since he retired from the Marines, and he told lottery officials that his luck was all thanks to a change in tactic. The 65-year-old recently changed from a 5-spot to a 7-spot bet andchanged one of his numbers from a 9 to an 8 at the last minute, winning him $12,506. We recently told you about another Maryland man who really did sail to his fortune, because he kayaked to his local bar to play the Keno.The Maryland man has been playing Keno for over ten years, and he said that he is delighted to have finally beaten his personal record, having won $200 the first ever time he bought a ticket. This time, he bought his Keno ticket while eating out at Tequila Grill and Cantina with his wife, which is where he decided to change things up a bit. Recently a man from Sydney in the USA won $1.4 million on the Keno while out for a special dinner with his family, while a Michigan woman who won $189,000 on the Club Keno lottery bought drinks for everyone at the bar to celebrate.Luckily, the former marine also has his wife to thank for his prize, as his extra two numbers, 19 and 20, were chosen by her, which caused him to change his usual number 9 to an 8. “The very first game won,” he said, clearly still excited. “I was thinking, ‘Holy mackerel!’” Another military retiree to win big in Maryland was a Mega Millions winner from Upper Marlboro who took home $40,000, and an American Air Force veteran won $100,200 on the Powerball earlier this year.Now, the lucky Keno winner has decided to keep his big $12,506 win a secret, not even telling his children. He hopes to give a big top to the bartender at the Tequila Grill and Cantina, and otherwise he hasn’t yet planned how he’ll spend it. The bar will also receive a $125 bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling a winning ticket.Play online with us at it's quick and easy!